Audit Defense Pro Benefits

We deal with the IRS
so you don't have to

Using our proprietary, highly secure technology platform and more than 25 years of professional experience representing taxpayers, we carefully manage each notice or audit from the time it is received until it is fully resolved with the taxing agency—including any necessary in-person representation—allowing you to focus on more profitable aspects of your business.

A team of experts

With Audit Defense Pro, your clients will have access to an extensive pool of licensed CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Attorneys with specialized representation skills and experience. The Tax Pros at our employee-owned company have an average tenure of more than 7 years and as a group have seen every situation the IRS can produce. This deep, specialized experience gives your clients the best chance at an optimal outcome.


We stand behind you and your work

Providing Audit Defense Pro to your clients demonstrates your confidence in the return that you prepared for them and your willingness to stand behind that return for as long as the IRS or state can question it. Audit Defense Pro increases the value of your tax preparation process without compromising the quality of the return or your reputation. Since we don't prepare taxes, you can rest assured that your clients will remain your clients. Our flat fee means that your clients don’t have to worry about the variable costs* typically associated with managing an audit or notice. We will work as a tireless advocate for you and your clients.


Why Audit Defense Pro?

No one handles more audits

With over 26,000 audit and notices handled every year and with a customer satisfaction rating of over 97%, is the premier audit management firm in the United States.

Seamless and effective

From your clients' perspective, our unique and specialized audit management process will appear as a seamless extension of your business. Your clients will receive excellent service from us while you eliminate the unplanned nature of audit and notice work, minimizing disruptions in tax preparation and the other valuable services that you provide to your clients.


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* While will work diligently to minimize these items, Audit Defense Pro does not cover penalties, interest,
or other charges imposed by the IRS or state agency. See Audit Defense Pro Customer Agreement for full details.