Audit Defense Pro Solution Overview

You will have peace of mind knowing that you never have to deal with the IRS again.

All of your clients are immediately covered.

Any audit or notice dated after your initial payment has been received will be handled at no additional charge to you or your client.

Our audit representatives take care of all the details.

We assess the audit or notice, develop a strategy, collect necessary documentation, and work with the IRS or State taxing authority to resolve the case.

We provide ongoing communication.

We stay in touch with your client as well as you, the tax professional, about the ongoing progress of the case.

Optimal notice and audit resolution is our goal.

Our objective every day is to reach an optimal resolution for each client’s audit situation with understanding and professionalism.
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How it works – an easy process for your clients.

When you partner with Audit Defense Pro, our goal is to relieve you from dealing with audits and notices. To do so, we utilize a systematic process to represent your clients if they receive notifications.

Your client receives an audit or notice letter.


Your client contacts us to report an audit.


Your client’s account is created and information is requested.


We review your client’s case and supporting materials.


We develop a case strategy and provide ongoing communication to your client.


We work the case until resolution.


The onboarding process – what can you expect?

Within a week, your Account Executive will set-up an orientation meeting on the processes of the program.


We will share how to notify your clients of this new benefit with a customized Audit Defense Pro Partnership Announcement.


We will explain how your clients get in touch with us to report any notice or audit.



We will provide an overview of our representation process.



We will determine ongoing communication steps based on your desired level of interaction.


Interested in learning more?

We understand outsourcing audit representation is not a step to be taken lightly. Schedule a call to review our service and see how it may affect your business.

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